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Key Personnel


The staff at FAS constitutes a team of professionals with varied technical abilities, especially adapted to work on projects requiring a complete range of laboratory services. Their backgrounds consist of over 100 years of analytical chemistry experience in the mining and chemical processing industries. Key professional personnel are briefly introduced below:


Daniel W. Kappes, Owner, is a mining and metallurgical engineer and has been associated with the company since 1972. Dan is a recognized authority on precious metals heap leaching and has presented several technical papers on the subject. In addition to work on numerous small projects, he has directed laboratory and field testing on several projects that have subsequently become major precious metal mines.


Terence E. Albert, Manager of Laboratory Services, has over 35 years of experience in all facets of metallurgical and chemical testing laboratories. He manages all aspects of the metallurgical and analytical facility, schedules and executes research and contract testing projects and oversees the issuance of completed reports and data. He has directed the design and setup of more than five (5) commercial assay facilities in the United States and South America.  This work included the training of personnel in sample preparation, metallurgical testing, wet chemical and fire assay procedures. He has been in charge of all laboratory services for KCA since 1991.


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